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Gopro Hero 10 mounted on a shoulder strap?


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I'm thinking of getting an action cam and looking specifically at the Hero 10. Never owned a Gopro before, but I heard the Hero 10 has a horizon lock feature or something similar. Does that mean that, if the camera were mounted on, say, a shoulder strap of a backpack, the image would remain correctly oriented even if the strap were at an angle?

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I haven't had an action camera either, but it looks like it should keep the horizon level even if it's mounted 'tilted'. What I don't know is if the camera figures out the horizon using optical means or if it wants you to start the video with the camera level and it holds that 'level' as the camera tilts.

Either way though, it will have to crop and digitally zoom your video when it rotates it back to level so you will lose resolution. Can't be helped because the sensor doesn't rotate so all the magic happens digitally.

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