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My second e-bike: a 20" folding (review & conclusion one year later)

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For those who want to buy a folding e-bike, in April 2021, I bought one and had done a review in English (which I had never published).

{The difference between Europe and the USA is that in the USA you have legislation that allows a speed limit beyond 25kmh (15m/h), and moped mode is authorized in the USA, in Europe we don't must not exceed the 25kmh limit in ebike, and moped mode is not allowed. What is stupid in Europe is the legislation on electric bike motors: 250W. It's good in urban areas, on flat ground, but for those who live in the middle of the mountains, in the countryside, it's too weak in terms of power.}

Below my 2021's review (one year ago) with adobe express


My 2022's final opinion (one year later):

Screws are not good, on the handlebar attachment, and the saddle, worn out is fast;

It worked well in the middle mountains, in winter, in the snow and in the rain;

Brakes are to be checked several times a year;

Battery does not have a great autonomy in medium mountains, but when returning to urban areas, it regains its autonomy; my weight has also increased (84kg=185 lbs);

The tires are of good quality, the spokes too; it was necessary to clean and lubricate the chain which had started to rust;

It remains a good transportable bike on buses, trams and rains, car trunk; but its drawback compared to other similar bikes remains that its frame does not have a handle to transport it when folded, it is heavy (24kg/52lbs) and not easy to grip.

A year later, other brands are offering a more finished, simpler product, but overall I'm happy to have it.
You just have to check the screws, the brakes from the start.

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