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Service provider web server update or forum update has fucked everything up


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Most of the pages don't load fully until after many, many reloads (at least for me). We'll see if I can even post this topic.


Anyone else having problems?

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That's weird, I suspected it might then be a problem with my connection, as it occurs both with Firefox & Chrome, but I get no lost packets, high pings or low speed locally or to NY:





Nor have I had any problems with other sites today.

I did see the site go down yesterday for a while reporting something about maintenance, so I suspect they did update something. The site seems to be hosted in Amazon's (North America) cloud, depending on geolocation service and when the databases were last updated, the forum ip seems to point to New York City, NY or Ashburn, VA.

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9 minutes ago, esaj said:

Been getting this again yesterday & today... looks like an intermittent problem. No changes (or even reboots) on my computer in between.

Nope, never had that problem on my iPad and certainly not getting it today.

Only problem I keep having is often after spotting the pre-dicktive text has made a mucking fess of what I wrote, the 'Save' button will not work after correcting it.

My gut feeling is that, due to the earth being flat, all your electrons are being eaten by the giant turtle it sits on.

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4 hours ago, Yashaya Yasharahla said:

Yesterday, I tried to upload 2 photos that were 1.02MB a piece, but it wouldn't upload to the forum...just wanted to let you know. 

There might be some disk-quota limits being hit currently, the best way is to host the images elsewhere (http://imgur.com/ for example) and then link them here.

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I often have the same problems esaj, but it is a problem with my local connection. The last half kilometer to my house is an overhead cable that only serves 4 houses and Crosses fields on poles, some of which are over at 45% and rubs up against trees as it comes the last 100 metres down the side of the road.

It's been damaged and repaired so many times that whenever there is wet windy weather our connection is up and down continously.

Trouble is by the time we can get an engineer to look at it everything is fine again. We're even considering throwing a rope over it and yanking it down so they have to replace it! :)

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Started digging around further and I finally found the culprit: it's the Avast Free Antivirus, to be more precise, the Web Shield-portion of it. Whatever Invision did in the most recent forum update got it to (randomly!) block the connections most of the time, and without any notification of it doing so. And after a gazillion refresh the page would just load fine... go figure. Couldn't even find any sensible log-file to tell me why it has decided that this site or some portion of it is a threat (and never told me that it was doing anything, I found out just by trying to stop it for a while that it was the reason, now everything's loading up just fine).

Any way, in case someone else runs into the same problem, here's what to do:

Open the Avast mainscreen

Go to Settings -> Active Protection -> Web Shield -> Customize -> Exclusions

Check "URLs to exclude" -checkbox if it isn't already.

In the below box, write (or copy-paste):


(that's not a link, the forum-software just insists on trying to make it into such)

And click Add.

Now the overly sensitive paranoid tin foil-hat protection won't keep cutting off your precious TCP-connections while the page is loading.

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Whoa. I'm not a fan of any of those AV products, I just use the Microsoft stuff and it seems to work fine without breaking apps. 

It was cold and snowing today so I spent most of the day rebuilding the Firewheel, adding a battery, and shunting. I almost have it back together!

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