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Mini "S" Plus 's pictures about his general condition after 4 years & all season riding 19 234 Km / 11 951 Mi

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My Mini "S" PLUS has gone everywhere ! In the forest, undergrowth, muddy ground, in the rain, in the snow, on the sand. Its battery has lasted 19,200 Km / 11,900 Mi since November 2017, more than four years, before being replaced. So I took it apart to replace the battery and I was able to see that some parts have withstood shocks, bad weather, vibrations, small accidents very well, and that other parts have broken, worn out and need to be replaced. .

The state of use of the Mini Plus:
•     The gaskets are in very good condition and have protected the motherboard well.
•     The sensors pads are in very good condition
•     The inside of the steering bar with the radar did not move, except for a screw that was not fully screwed
in at the start and another which must have been unmetered due to the vibrations.
•     The motherboard is in very good condition, the cables to the motherboard are in very good condition

•     The rear LEDs had the fragile plastic and torn.
•     The hubcaps are naturally damaged
•     The screws did not withstand several loosening.
•     The plastic screw ports have gradually deteriorated
•     The pads tear on the outside but also on the inside, the sub-pads break
•     Battery screws deteriorate
•     Bodyframe screws breaks
•     The steering shaft takes in moisture, oxidizes and rusts

Of course all parts have been cleaned but I have no rear LEDs.

Below is the google photo album or adobe creative cloud photo album




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