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battery lost 1/3 capacity in one day


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as the title says my scooter's battery lost 1/3 of its capacity in a one single day,previously could

run around 18-20km and now the limit it's around 11-12km.

I was thinking it might be damaged battery (broken weldings) due to vibatations so it

lost part of the capacity, but i've noticed it still takes the same time to charge, then

i think it might be damaged coils to the motor thus higher power consumption...but

on the road it feels it can run fine.


what do you think about this sudden loss of capacity?

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Hi Linx,

Didn't see anyone chime in and its been a while so hopefully this reaches you. Sorry to hear about issues with your scooters: battery issues can be frustrating. Here are some ideas:

1. It could be that some cells have been damaged and thus you aren't able to store full capacity however that could be more obvious and you shouldn't be able to charge it if the BMS is working properly I would hope. 

2. Check both wheels for free movement and for proper inflation. Although, it sounds like you have a smaller "commute-scoot" and probably have solid tires..

3. The scooter was exposed to heat or is having issues charging and although its taking the same time to charge it could be charging less before the charge cycle cuts off. 

4. if you have a way to take a measurement of the output voltage, check if its close to normal value after a full charge cycle. 


Hope this helps. Let me know your findings. 


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