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I have just got my first wheel the Begode Hero. I need some advice


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I have just bought the Hero and just need some advice.

Are the batteries safe? I know that Begode updated them but are the first ones still safe to use? I'm pretty sure that the one I just ordered has the first ones as it is a ex demo with 220 miles on it.

Also what psi do I need to have the suspension at? I weigh 238lb without gear.

Any tips for me? Anything would be great im a new rider

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7 minutes ago, alcatraz said:

Without insight into the packs it's hard to say for sure.

Water is a common reason for issues so keep them sealed and dry. (the packs)

If your wheel suddenly has a change of charging time/range, be careful. Inspect the problem.

How do I make sure they are sealed? Do you know of any videos that explain how to seal them?

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The heatshrink around the packs can have gaps. Or it can get scuffed/crack (after many km). You could tape it up if you notice any tiny hairline gaps.

Sometimes holes can melt in the heatshrink, from the nickel strips getting hot. Then moisture can get in.

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Use some silicone to seal any gaps where rain/contaminants could get inside the battery compartment. Dust is a sign that there are holes somewhere.

Some ventilation is needed for the control board (usually, not always). But the battery packs benefit from being in a location that's air sealed, as much as possible.

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The link below is the ecodrift teradown I got from the HERO thread. There is a lot of info there. The video at the very end is informative too.


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