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V8F LEDs constantly flashing red


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Hi all,

Just wanted to share a recipe on how to fix your V8F LEDs if they start constantly flashing in red color only, ignoring any light scheme you try to upload.

OK, Inmotion websites states that this (blinking red LEDs) happens to V10 after you update its firmware and just recommends running a wheel recalibration, which can be called from "Vehicle Calibration" menu in the app, and then using an option "Turning Forward Lean Calibration".

When I clicked that option, I got a message "Please lay down your car... ". So, I pressed the lift switch, laid the wheel down on a side, then clicked that option again and got a message "Calibration failed". :huh:

At that time I was not even aware that this 'recalibration' would solve the problem with the blinking LEDs, so it took me quite some time to try all the options, including disconnecting the battery, swapping the wires, etc.

So, the solution is, that in spite of the message "lay down you car", you should not lay the wheel on a side, but just hold the lift switch depressed and click that option again. The calibration should then go though, and your LEDs will finally show your selected scheme. :)

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I understood that to calibrate the V8 & V10 series, you power on the wheel, and holding the lift button to de- power the wheel,  you have to lean the wheel forward on a smooth surface so that it balances on the front of its case.. ( or front mud guard ) You can then do the calibration on the app.  If it’s not in this position, it won’t work. EUCO has a video on YouTube explaining this. 

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