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V8F Tyres


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I have been riding daily for 3 years - I have had 1 puncture! unless you work in accident re-construction is this really an issue to be concerned with? some people use slime sealant to minimize puncture deflation if you have a major concern. tubeless pneumatic tires are still filled with air so you are still subject to puncture deflation... changing a tire/tube on a v8 is very ez and does not require much work (lots of vids online)...

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6 hours ago, Ray1969 said:

 I am not thrilled by the idea of tearing mine down every time I get a puncture 

I dont get it, dont tubeless tires get punctured just like the ones with a tube, and then lose their air, also just like tires with a tube? You can use tire sealant in tubes too if you want to.


Edit: or do you mean solid rubber tires, like the ones that are available for some e-kickscooters?

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