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Mten2 pedal mod.


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I was getting fed up with the pedal on the wire side not folding properly and flopping back down as I was carrying it into shops, pubs and restaurants so I decided to get on with my original intention and dremmel out a clearance gap for the end of the axle and wire.

It was a quick job and I suppose I could have done it a bit neater but at least it works.:)


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Version two looks much neater I think. :)


This time I used a tank cutter and once it had cut a groove I removed the centre drill to avoid putting a hole through the bottom plate.

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First of all mark out where you need the centre of the hole.

Half way between the front and back: 100mm and depending on the hole saw used about 20mm up from the hinge.




Then centre punch the mark to prevent the drill from wandering and start the hole with the hole saw. I used the smallest one in a cheap set from the local hardware store, it's 1.25" or 32mm but I'm sure 30mm would be big enough.


As I'm a little ocd I didn't want the centre drill hole to go through the bottom of the pedal so I swapped the centre drill for an old broken one of the correct size as soon as the saw had made a deep enough groove to hold itself in place reliably. I'm sure a small hole in the bottom of the pedal won't worry a lot of people so no need to bother.




Once you're hole saw has cut through the top plate you will find it only has the re-enforcing web to cut so it will go much quicker. The re-enforcing gets thinner towards the bottom so once the saw has reached the thinner section you can put a screw driver into the centre hole and waggle the disc backwards and forwards two or three times and it will snap off.


That's all there is to it unless you want to smooth the edges a little with a dremmel as I did.


Plus as an afterthought, if you should happen to slip with the hole saw and mess the surface of the pedal you can always cover any marks with some of the grip tape that a lot of people put on their pedals anyway.

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