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Any Ukrainian riders?


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What’s your take on the situation? In America I don’t feel like I can trust any of the news I read online, from the American stuff or the Russian stuff. Anyway I hope the best for you! And I apologize in advance for everyone who is not in Ukraine and repeats some propaganda that ended up feeling plausible to them

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10 minutes ago, Silverfish said:

Its the norm throughout history. 

In my eyes they are simply "fighting" aka having (war) over nothing.. Pupin got bored and wanted to play war. :D 

That's why having no leaders at all would be better world. Some dumass can't just decide go to war..

Then again in my eyes most humans are cancer of the world, i would not mind if asteroid would destroy the world. <3

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From what i read, heard "Putin" asked mind blowing demands. As they where to be met (like they could be met..) And then invaded Ukraine.

So it would show "at least we tried to conduct this peacefully" What a joke.. Warmonger nothing more.

> I love my country, Ukraine is part of my country, i show my love by destroying, hurting my people. "Best leader ever.."

This whole scenario is a joke.

Just show's how bad it is, when one person has to much power.. Over and over the past we have seen that. Yet we never learn anything..

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Thank you for the detailed post of what is happening in Moscow.

Yes, please watch both of the videos, in that order, when you can.

They do a very good explanation of why Putin is invading Ukraine now.

Please take care.

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From RIA Novosti, Russian state-owned domestic news agency.





02/25/2022 03:53 PM (updated: 02/25/2022 05:14 PM)
Putin responded to Zelensky's proposal to hold talks

Press Secretary Peskov: Putin is ready to send a delegation to Minsk for talks with Ukraine

MOSCOW, February 25 - RIA Novosti. Russia is ready to send its delegation to Minsk for talks with Ukraine, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters.
The Kremlin spokesman recalled that Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky had declared his readiness to discuss the neutral status of the state.
“Initially, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the purpose of the operation was to help the LPR and DPR , including through the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. And this, in fact, is an integral component of the neutral status,” Peskov said.


According to him, such a delegation will include representatives of the ministries of defense and foreign affairs, as well as the presidential administration.
"Vladimir Putin spoke by phone today with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who, in turn, assured that he would be ready to create all the necessary conditions for the arrival of delegations, ensuring their safety and integrity, and holding the said negotiations," the spokesman added.
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33 minutes ago, Paul A said:

Funky, maybe watch the videos for the reasons why Russia is invading Ukraine.

It is geography, security, economics, threats, NATO, history......a combination of many influences that is motivating the invasion.

I did.. I see the point as security.. As if Ukraine joins NATO, Russia will have BIG, BIG border going against NATO. And i see that.

Economics yes Russia will be ruined if Ukraine joins NATO because said boarder.. They will need increased army, etc.. More money spent on useless armies..

But same time fuck borders and each country lines.. Like i was saying land = land, it doesn't mater if i'm standing in whichever nation. Because it doesn't change the land in any way. It only changes the country name and their rules..

+- every country is the same.

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1 hour ago, level9 said:

ahh but you're thinking like a normal, mentally health person :) Unfortunately we can't project our own thought processes as it's just not how these guys work...
Understand this isn't conjecture. They've literally taken these psychologically disordered types, hooked them up to MRI brain scan machines and watched in realtime how their brains operate very differently than normal people. 

Point being, if a narcissistic sociopath tells you they intend to violate you (and Putin has plainly spelled out his intentions many times over the years), rest assured, they will absolutely make good on their threats. In order words, believe them. That's why the US was so adamant and everyone else thought they were possibly bluffing. They should be believed - when delivering threats. These individuals are largely amoral. They aren't going to have a sudden change of heart and what they do is with full, knowing intention.

It's important to understand this because Putin has other intentions which he's made clear and he should absolutely be believed. Will everyone else continue to ignore those previously stated intentions as well until the US points out the obvious when the troops are around another border and then everyone.. will still continue to ignore? Probably...

This is one of the reasons it smells a little like WW2. Hitler (also psychologically disordered) said what he was going to do. Nobody believed him. He even went as far as stating in detail how he was going to psychologically manipulate the German people to do his will. This is in his book he wrote in jail before he was in power. Nobody believed him... :facepalm:

When putin comes nocking at NATO country, then we will see fireworks of all NATO vs Russia. Sad that we can't simply "fire" a president if most of country see it fit..

We vote for our government employees, WHY can't we vote for firing clowns.. (This case the clown putin)

Yet again, we as society fail miserably. At something simple.

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16 minutes ago, Funky said:

Yet again, we as society fail miserably. At something simple.

We are. At least very late. Today they threatened my country if we join NATO. Hope I get to ride this season. Should I cancel my preorder? Or are we getting him fired? 

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1 hour ago, meepmeepmayer said:

And it's not like Russia could protect any boundary. The Ukrainian fighting forces have old equipment, a handful of planes, and a few guys with hand-held rocket launchers. Yet they are faring way better than anybody expected against the apparently unmotivated, badly trained, badly paid (if at all, as it seems) Russian soldiers. With a few more planes and air-to-surface bombs, the ground invasion would have been stopped by now. If this war is showing anything, it's that Russia's military has nukes and is otherwise a second-rate to third-rate affair. Any single European military with more than 25 functional planes to get air superiority and some actual training could invade Russia right now and they would not be able to be stopped with conventional weapons. I'm seriously surprised how bad the Russian military actually is. All show, no substance?

The Ukrainians aren't quite as destitute as it may seem. They're a notable arms producer/exporter (used to be #4 in the world until they shifted to more domestic armament). They're also one of the top places the US sends weapons and financial/military aid to. 

The issue is the way modern warfare works when against a highly advanced military. You get blasted by cruise and ballistic missiles taking out all air defenses and command-and-control, thus attaining air superiority at which point they can pretty much bomb whatever the like. All before a single soldier even has to cross the border and before the other guy may even have any idea what's going on. The war is practically lost before it starts. This is true of anyone who doesn't have an advanced anti-missle defense system which only a handful of countries have at present.

I also wouldn't underestimate the Russians. They're quite advanced. They've fired at this point ~200 missiles into Ukraine and taken out the majority of their air defenses, airports and command-and-control. For context, the US fired 59 cruise missiles at a single target - a Syrian airbase in 2017 :facepalm:. Ukraine is a decently sized country so I'd say that's pretty good... My understanding is that they've also only deployed a fraction of their forces and offensive capabilities at this point. They're just probing.. trying to see what they can get away with and trying to make it not look like a full scale invasion.. because.. it's only a per Putin "special military operation" at the moment.

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Russia's economy is ranked eleventh in the world. 

Russian GDP $1.71 trillion (nominal, 2021 est.)

Military spending 4.3% of GDP.

Its GDP about one fourteenth the size of the US.


American GDP $24.79 trillion (est 2022)

Military spending is 3.7% of GDP.

The economy of California alone is greater than Russia's economy.

California GDP $3.0 trillion (2020)


Russia is probably going to win the battle over Ukraine, to set up a client state (puppet government), but it will probably suffer greatly in the longer term.

This will reduce the NATO threat to Russia, increases the buffer zone, reduce the size and cost of the front Russia needs to secure.

Russia has already been suffering greatly from crippling sanctions. 

Further increases of sanctions is going to devastate the Russian economy further.

That is the longer term cost.....death by a thousand cuts.



The US would be more focused on the bigger fight looming in years to come.

China's economy is projected to exceed the US around 2030.

China's navy is larger than the US in terms of number of battle force ships.

The battle for control of the South China Seas and its vast wealth, possible invasion of Taiwan etc, in years to come.

US hegemony is disturbingly no longer assured.

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