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How to balance an EUC wheel?


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We all know that when you buy car tires they put the complete wheel on a computer balance machine and add weights to balance.

I have tried to deflate then add soap to the rim and tire and reseat many times, I still have noticeable imbalance when I do the lift spin test.

Does anyone know how to balance my wheel?

And has any one opened a KS14c mark 3 and if so how hard was it and what to look out for?

But what to do once I have the wheel and tire in hand as far as trying to get it balanced?

I am almost sure that the tire itself, and, or inner tube is the imbalance problem but how to get it correct.

When I do the lift spin test with my friends ninebot it spins true, I sure would like to get mine to do the same as I feel it wobbles at higher speed and never know if it is me or the machine?

My idea is to add weight, washers maybe, at the allen head screws on the rim, maybe someone has a system?

Or try to see if the tire is not even thickness causing wobble and if so how to balance?



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At the speeds we usually drive we shouldn't realise any unbalance. In a car you realise it between 80-120 km/h. If there's no damage on the rim/ tire forget about and enjoy your KS ;)

Do you feel the imbalance while riding? If so put some balance weight in opposite to the valve.

Follow this video but keep the wheel buil in the KS:



That's more a rhetorical question? Or have you radial out of turn with the rim/ tire?

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This may be simplistic; try observing whether the wheel always returns to the same position when you hold up the EUC; if it does add some weight at the top of the wheel !!

If the motor resistance when off is too great the above won't work!

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