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Inexpensive safety equipment -- a reflective vest


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If you ride at night, this might be a great thing to buy. It's super inexpensive, and doesn't everyone have an Ikea nearby?


It folds into its own little built-in pouch so you can put it in a pocket or backpack when you don't want to be so ... visible. :ph34r:

My wife made me buy one.

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1 hour ago, MetricUSA said:

For some reason link takes me to childrens area ??? Try this vest   http://www.ikea.com/us/en/search/?query=+Reflective+vest

What does it take to become Ikea member? To get $1 discount???

I think it was near the kids area in the store, right before the cafeteria, although they had some pretty large sizes. 

Not sure what membership takes, my wife was already a member. She is a member of every store that will take our money.


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4 hours ago, MetricUSA said:

At any rate, it will take me 160 km, nearest store, for me to be a member, I thinks I need to up my battery in my eu...

At first I was confused why you used km in the store distance, but then I remembered your name. :D

They have a decent selection at Harbor Freight as well, there's one of those in Erie and it can't be more than a few dozen furlongs from your house.

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