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Begode Master 134V 2400WH Suspension


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4 hours ago, Ben Hatfield said:

reading thread convinced me to try Master pedal lowering kit.  Master is my favorite wheel, so going with smaller change, 25mm.  I'll be Very interested how the 25mm lower feels.

To try to see if what will be good, you could deflate your suspension and fit in those spacers that are the T4 (or print them) just over the bottom bracket. Once you pump it back up, it will sit that much lower (and rebound will feel less jarring ;) )


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I have tested each battery pack, front left and rear right are at 0 volts. 

 I unpacked the diseased packs, and tested the voltage between each line and all cells are healthy.  👌

 It's the BMS card that's the problem...

 Should it be changed or is it repairable? I don't see a fuse.

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Wondering if someone could help me out.

I described my issue here.


The wheel works, I rode it around the block and went up to 60kph but kind of don't trust it.

I have a few options I'm thinking of.

1) Replace the board to the exact one

2) Replace the board with latest Master 4. Supposedly I also need the top frame but looks like I should be able to just drill mounting holes on the tray? Even then, not sure whether having 50E will be an issue.

3) try to fix the board by trying to wipe and load one of V2.x firmware with cable method. I have a chance of really messing up but willing to try. I saw post about someone having done it for V1.5 board


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la boutique a changé CM, port de chargement et écran. Mais le réparateur n’a pas testé les packs batteries. Ce qui a été la cause de ma panne.... 2 packs à 0 volts. Il les a mis en charge et le fusible du port de charge a sauté ! Finalement j'ai réparé la roue pour 1€, j'ai changé les fusibles BMS et le fusible de charge.... Ils m'ont facturé 600€ pour rien et m'ont laissé repartir avec une roue dangereuse !



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On 5/30/2024 at 5:00 PM, Rafal said:

Do some range testing on my brand new Master v4 50s:

1. 101km starting voltage 133.1 end voltage 106.7, avg moving speed 33km/h, tire CST186, 32 PSI, temp. around 22C

2. 112,7km starting voltage 133.3 end voltage 104.1, avg moving speed 25km/h, tire CST186, 22 PSI, temp. around 26C

3. 106km starting voltage 132.9 end voltage 107.8, avg moving speed 31km/h, tire CST186, 30 PSI, temp. around 24C

I am happy with the results. Low tire pressure on 2nd attempt was the reason for lower results. Even if I was riding really slow.

I notice after update to FW2015104 it is less efficient. Above results are from FW2015101 and below result from today on FW2015104.

107,4km starting voltage 132.9 end voltage 104.4, avg moving speed 29,5km/h, tire CST186, 26 PSI, temp. around 25C. At the end hitting 45km/h voltage drops to 101.8 and still no tilltback. Guessing still can do few more, maybe even 10 kilometers. 

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Posted (edited)
On 6/26/2024 at 10:45 AM, InMoOnGoWa75012 said:

Looks like Master and EB isn't it ? :D

Yes, 1st and 2nd place Masters.

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