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18" tire for winter use. How to get one?

EUC Extreme

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I'd like to run next winter Gotway18.
But the 18-inch Heavy tread tires are really hard to find. I google searched all over the globe and outs of the results :)
If anyone has any tips to give even an acquisition place. I would be very grateful.
This kind of ring pattern would be perfect but, other kinds of shows.
It would be important that it would be able to put the pins.
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How about a Schwalbe Mad Mike BMX Tyre with K Guard?

They come in 16", 18" and 20" and two widths 1.75" and 2.125"




Just checked and for some reason the 18" only comes in 1.75" for some reason.

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Or there Kenda that make a similar tread tyre in 18 x 2.125

and Coyote Cycle 18 x 2,125 knobbly  MTB


I found those on Ebay but I cant get the links to post. Just search for 18 x 2.125 BMX tyre on Ebay.

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I found Kenda 18 ". But it is not for winter use because probably this is not to insert the pins. There should be more rubber to be screwed.
But this probably fits very well in the summer of off-road driving.
Of course this is a little lower than the original, which means the maximum speed to drop. But I'll try anyway.
Winter tires searches continues ..


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The M18 comes with a 2.50" wide tyre as standard and there is room to fit my index finger between the case and tyre all around apart from the very edges of the case  which angle in at 90 degrees towards the wheel  a little. I'm sure these edges could be trimmed back with very little loss of strength to the case.

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Hey guys,

I wanted to make this topic again active...
I'm looking as well for a winter tire. Found following:


2.75-18 might be to big


Here I guess it's too less profile


This one is somehow almost like original one, but as well the profile is not really big.

@EUC Extreme which one did you use in the end?

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