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Seat and handle for EUC


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8 minutes ago, Frankman said:

I completely agree with @Cloud . The handle could crack  if riding on a rough surface. In one of the pictures @ECUMania uploaded there is one that  loads the weight on the pedal axes, perhaps this is a good solution.

I wasnt too crazy about the one where the weight is supported by the pedals - one bar goes to the back of one pedal and the other to the front of the other pedal. As a result the load on the pedals is not symmetrical - and is basically tearing this construction apart - the pedals and the parts they are connected to will be constantly under assymetrical stress, bending them in different directions and its at ends so with a lot of leverage too.

also if they are connected by bolting into the pedal threads, it wont be long until the threads strip/ fail.

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