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NYC Selling MSuper V3S+ 84v 1600Wh


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Hi guys,

As the title says, I'm selling my trusty MSuper which has been my weekend fun and on-and-off commuter for a while.

  • I bought it new from euc.nyc
  • Selling it because I want to upgrade.
  • 2050km total
  • It has scuffs and marks consistent with use, but otherwise runs great.
  • In the interest of full honesty:
    • When I bought this wheel I didn't know that it had one of those faulty boards that would cause oscilation (you can do a search on this forum to find out what that was)
    • The wheel dropped me on the first day, upon which I contacted the seller and he came over and replaced:
      • The side panels / case (from the original red to the current black)
      • the board with one from the new batch that didn't have issues
      • The work was done in my presence by Dmitry, who is the owner of euc.nyc and is extremely helpful and knowledgable.
    • This was the only time that the wheel was actually dropped while riding. All the other marks are from the normal use, no accidents.
    • It has run flawlessly since then, all 2000+ km. Never an issue.
  • It charges to 83.1v according to that device.
  • Selling it with 2 x chargers and this "charge doctor" (if I remember correctly the name of the device, see photos below)

- Asking $800

- I prefer selling this in-person in the NYC area.

- Not sure if I get notifications from the forum, so if interested and I don't answer please also reach out by email ccoctav@gmail.com

Side note: I also have an InMotion V8F for sale which has been sitting unused for a while. I bought it used from @houseofjob and I learnt on it. Willing to let that one go very cheap if I can sell this one!





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