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Hover board shuts off......


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My apologies if I am doing this wrong. I have a question that I thought maybe someone here might be able to help me with so i decided to make an account.

Yesterday I received my 10' hover board. I ordered online, page claimed it was Samsung battery. At first I wasn't sure if I charged the segway when it was on or off, but searching on this sub, I got the answer. After the 10' hover board was fully charged, I rode it around my house last night and noticed when I tired going over a bump in the doorway or speed up the 10' hover board would shut off. It would stay off until I plugged in the charger.

I tried holding it down for 4 seconds as well as 30 seconds as advised but it wouldn't turn on. It would turn back on once I plugged in the charger.I was riding it in my warehouse. I was riding faster when I was thrown off the board. I'm not sure if I was going max speed since it was not making any beeps; it just stopped and I fell. I noticed again like a couple times last night that the hover board wont turn on until I put in the charger.

Does this experience sound familiar to anyone? Any explanations? Suggestions?  Only issue was it shuts off once I speed up. I have read that the board sometimes shut off once the board passes a 35 degree tilt. What would I replace to solve this problem?

Any suggestions and tips and tricks would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I know this post is a little bit old by now, but i have the exact same problem. It's really frustrating and i don't know what to do. It's way to dangerous to drive around with this problem. I really hope there is or will be a solution for this. 
I found a post on reddit about this problem, but i don't know if this is the right fix for it.


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It is as kaleosaurusrex mentioned in reddit. The BMS shuts off - could be from overcurrent or undervoltage of a cell. Presumably in this case undervoltage from a cell - could be one or more bad cells in your pack. You could shunt the BMS, but replacing the cell(s) should be the safer/better solution

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It could also be a loose connection somewhere.  These hoverboards aren't assembled with a great deal of care.  I took mine apart just to take a look at it, and I found some pinched wires where they basically screwed a screw through while closing up the shell.  I would first double check that there's nothing obviously loose or shorted inside.  Mine actually still functioned fine with the pinched wire, but I can see how a connector with a poorly crimped wire could cause intermittent issues.  If you search for an electronics shop nearby they could take a look for you for fee if you're not electronically inclined.  Unfortunately with the mass production and lack of quality control on these items there's bound to be issues.

Also one could do a calibration to make sure everything is levelled out.  Mine beeps if you start reaching the maximum speed.

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1 hour ago, HunkaHunkaBurningLove said:

It could also be a loose connection somewhere.  These hoverboards aren't assembled with a great deal of care....

That is true - but if it can be "cured" everytime by connecting it to the charger, it is a BMS shut off.

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Bought my grandson a Hover 1 hoverboard. It lasted less than a week and started shutting off by itself. The only way to get it to come back on is to plug it in and try again. Went online to read about the problem and it suggests replacing the battery because of a defect. Hell it’s only a week old. If replacing the battery doesn’t work, the next thing is to check for a defective motor. 
Done with this piece of shit. Will never give Hover 1 any more business. Feel like I got screwed for $329 once already.

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Its when your hoverboards tilt goes over 30° it is very fulstraiting and there us no way to solve it. Its just a safety feature. It happens to me when i use the gokart adapter and when i push it down too far it shuts off.

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