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Is DHgate safer than AliExpress or about the same?

Vam Monaco

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2 hours ago, Vam Monaco said:

There’s some pretty good prices on DHgate, but I’ve never use that site. If it’s anything like Aliexpress, I don’t want anything to do with it

Seems to be about the same, a B2B marketplace with DHGate beeing mediator promising some consumer protection.

Information on their (mobile) website is very spare (or just hard to find?) and badly translated.

A nice promise/service from them could be that returns to warehouses could be possible - just scanned this quickly by a google search. No idea if this is true for all of their sales or just some special goods/places?

Additionally, as far as i understand (way to little) of international business, there is always an importer who is legally responsible that products in use locally fulfill local regulations.

Which, imho could lead to insurances not having to pay in case of fire or needed medical care after accidents.

Since our western governments "forced" taxation by the chinese resellers now, so they have now local warehouses i'd wonder who is the importer by now? Interesting is the widely used formulation that "tax is prepayed by them", so a service for the buyer who stays the importer?


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