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Thinking of trying an euc


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If this is in the wrong spot I’m sorry ahead of time. 

im looking for something that I can go on and off road. I got into an accident a year or 2 ago and I can no longer ride my pit bike due to back and chest pain. Seen these euc and I’m typically good on my feet. What does the community think about someone with previous injuries looking into these?


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2 minutes ago, Treatz said:

This sounds like something only your doctor can advise you on.

Wise words those.

There are more than 1 forum members that report feeling significantly better after taking up EUC... I don't recall hearing anyone who found that riding made their symptoms worse but that's not surprising—if it did make things worse I'd just move on to something else.

I think you'll probably want a suspension wheel, one that'll take the brunt of most of the smaller bumps in your path. Know that the learning curve is "not low", this is quite a bit harder than learning a OneWheel but nowhere near as difficult as slack lining. During the learning time you'll be hopping off, sometimes awkwardly. You'll also be using muscles that haven't been used much before, so you will be sore. Nevertheless, if you start out with short sessions focused on building strength you'll be riding before you know it.

Pay close attention to how your body is reacting though, if it's even hinting that it's not happy, take a break.

Once you get it, which doesn't really take that long (mostly you have to be stubborn), it's really a lot of fun and might allow you to get back playing in the dirt. Maybe not in the skate parks or pit tracks...

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I hear you all there. My doctor has no idea where my pain is coming from. I have been given a clean bill of health and encouragement on getting back into the fray. My doctor gave same advice as you guys. Pay attention to your body and slowly work up muscles and Tylenol for anything else.   I work in a factory and am on my feet 13-15 hours a day and walking bending ect I don’t have a lot of problem with. 
mom not looking to jump or race or anything just go down some bike paths ride across an orchard (I live in the cuts) and be able to get across or down a road with enough zip to not be a target. 
If I can get into it I’ll only be able to afford one so I gotta make it count

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