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Clicking noise on MTen3

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Hoping for some advice about a clicking noise coming from my MTen3 when going over bumps. I have checked that 12 pedal hanger screws are tight and that the pedal bolts are tight. Kind of sounds like plastic creaking. Quick video here:


I have about 650 miles on it and haven't off-roaded or even jumped off of curbs. If its just moaning and groaning plastics, I can live with that, but worried that it might be one of the infamous axle breaks. 

Thanks in advance!

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My axle bent and cracked slowly, not suddenly, and the 'bend' was revealed by the pedal hangers no longer looking parallel, viewed from the bottom, with the wheel fully assembled. Eventually the bend was severe enough that the pedal hanger made scraping contact with the sides of the motor.

I suspect the axle nut is slightly loose, and your axle is still OK.

Sorry I don't know the torque spec for MTen3... snug it up a bit. You can be more brave to the non-cable-side: cracks happen on the cable side first, because of the cable passage.


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3 hours ago, tombo said:

removable loctite

If you loctite, go as strong as you can find. Blue isn't enough.

I prefer contaminant-tolerant Red #263.

But it can still work loose in the jenky pinch-wedge Gotway axle design. Annual maintenance is usually sufficient, meh.


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Thanks for the info. I took it apart down to the point where the axle nuts were too tight for me to loosen with my limited toolset. Did not want to risk ripping out any electrical stuff by trying too hard. So probably not the nuts I would imagine. After putting it back together, still get the same noise so reached out to EUCO to see if they could look at it under the warranty. Fingers crossed. Hoping the v12 I ordered in June shows up soon so I don't have to do without a wheel....

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