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I'm going to try to find the actual info and will get back with that, but what I've always taken them as is:

1 Beep - Oops

2 Beeps - Slow Down, You're not a Stunt Man

3 Beeps - Oh Crap, RUN!!!

Constant Beep - Someone call me an Ambulance

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35 minutes ago, MonsieurBadgerCheese said:

Guessing the beeps don't really mean anything then!?

They do, but I'm having trouble finding when they kick in.  On other wheels, it's speed dependant and conditions dependant.  I just cannot find the chart that shows when ours kick in.  Three quick beeps is letting you know it's about to stop running and throw you off.  The first beep is the early speed limit warning, likely around 12 MPH or so.  Again, I don't have the exact specs yet.  Still looking.

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