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3 hours ago, Chriull said:

Pffff.. Since i am not a native english speaker i had some problems with your statement,  but i think i got your message after quite some time. You mean it somehow got the certificate but just does not conform to the norm/meet the requirements?


3 hours ago, dpong said:

All I am saying is that they received the certification.  And that is what they are advertising, or claiming.  I am not fighting.  Just making a statement. :)

To help a non-native speaker, my friend, I will say it differently.  If they went to court due to legal action, they could say "we did not say it was water-proof.  Instead, we said that we are IP65 certified."   And that is a true statement.  

For myself, I have no idea if IP65 certification is good or bad.  But IP65 certification may be all that Ninebot has claimed.  Whether the machine is water-proof or not.  They have only claimed that they have the IP65 certification.  [As have many other companies and devices.]


AFAIK, there's no mandatory certification-process, so any manufacturer can claim their product is IPxx. There is a hefty manual of the testing procedures, but apparently the actual testing is left to the manufacturer and not checked in any way by a 3rd party.

I've stated it before, and will state it again: I don't believe any of the wheels would actually pass IP65-certification tests. Maybe Uniwheel and Solowheel, but others probably not.

1 hour ago, dmethvin said:

As I understand it the IP65 rating is the manufacturer's word, the unit is not independently tested. Even though Firewheel says they are IP65, they are not. All the compartments have panels with no gaskets. Dust and water can easily get into the control board or batteries. My generic wheel is even worse, it has a big slot exposed to the wheel. Oh but on the bright side they put a drain hole in the bottom of the battery compartment. :D 



Firewheel & IP65 has been an ongoing joke for quite some time :D  You can drop small rocks into the battery compartments with the factory "sealing". My generic also has the holes in both sides, but I actually think they are there for the motor cable (both halves are the same, and the mainboard could be installed in either side).

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14 minutes ago, Shoe73 said:

Products that I've worked on all had to be independently certified. But I have heard of certain certification certification places that are "more likely" to pass your product.  ;)

If that's the case, they've either forged/bought the certification documents or the people doing the certification are blind:


That's the original "sealing". Like @dmethvin said, there's no gaskets of any kind under those black plastic lids. The hole in the center is for the motor cable (that hole is in both sides, of course the cable is only on one side), and it's big enough to drop small rocks into the compartments, not to mention dust or water. There's some plastic/bubble wrap or something in the right, where the battery wiring goes to the front of the wheel, and again the holes are completely unsealed. :D

It's a similar disaster in the mainboard-side of the shell.

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I don't know what the rules are or how they are enforced, especially in different countries. I know when we made cameras and solar inverters we were required to have the certification available on the web site. 

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50 minutes ago, Paddylaz said:

Quick question p owners, and sorry for hijacking this thread slightly:


at what speed do you guys get beeping and/or tilt-back on level ground??

I start getting tilt-back at 16MPH using an external GPS to measure speed.  




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9 hours ago, Paulandjacquelyn said:

Paddylaz,   not sure actually.  I'll check tomorrow.  Why?

Not that I'm looking 'elsewhere' already as I love my Lhotz, but i get exasperated with the beeping. 

It can do 30km/h and there's no tilt back until 27km/h, but the the beeping that hits you at 22 is so annoying you rarely want to put up with it.

My ideal wheel would have loud beeping no earlier than 25, and beeping-with-tilt back at around 27.

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I wonder how you hear the beeping at 30kph with all the wind noise...

And especially when its constant, your brain will phase it out at some point since its not something you'd classify as dangerous. 

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