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Anyone using Scorpion Helmet EXO-R320 SOLID to keep head warm?


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Scorpion has always been aimed to strike a balance between budget and features. A lot of people, myself included, think that the brand is a good example for the least expensive helmet company I'd consider for a daily motorcycle helmet.

That said, yeah it's a motorcycle helmet. It'll ventilate well at speeds above 40mph, otherwise you'll have to have the visor cracked, or it'll feel stuffy quick. Even on a 55F day. Especially since you'll be working a bit harder on an EUC (compared to sitting on a motorcycle).

So yeah, it'll keep your head warm. Probably a bit too warm. 

I'd recommend just adding some snowboarding goggles to your current helmet, whatever it is. Keeping the cold wind out of your eyes is the biggest comfort factor for EUC on colder days. And it's just the right level of warmer for EUCs I think.

Source: I've tried a skateboarding helmet, troyleedesigns mtb helmet with some snowboarding goggles, 3/4 budget motorcycle helmet, and a full face (shoei rf1200). I reach for the first two every time, depending if it's hot or cold out. They're lighter, much more comfortable, much more ventilated, and don't look absurdly large.  

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39 minutes ago, Denny Paul said:

don't look absurdly large

haha. You should see me in my HJC I90. Gawd. Head looks big enough to qualify me for a job as a TV talking head. Fortunately I don't have to look at myself because I'd be gear shaming myself for sure.

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