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CXInWalk EU defective - need ECU board


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I have been given a defective 16" CXWalking unicycle that was given to me by someone from work.


When I bougth the Solowheel, everybody at work was surprised and intrigued.

One person liked the idea so much, he decided he wanted an EU himself. However, he did not want to pay the big bucks for the SW and bought a 16" CXInWalk on the internet from a ship in China (or Hong Kong).

After five weeks waiting time, it was deliverd but was defective from the first moment.  And, of course, the supplier he bought it from never answered his emails.


Long story short, we opened the case to look if it might be something simple, but it looks it is the main ECU-board that is defective. After, he gave the thing to me.


I was wondering if anyone has an address or email which I can contact to see if I can get this thing repaired.


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Contact Xiang Liu who is "cxinwalk Foreign Trade Salesman" on Facebook in the above link.  Yeah I know you guys are here because you want to avoid FB but that's the only contact I have.

Thank you for the link. I will see if I can contact this Xiang Liu.

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