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Wanted to share my most recent review of the new wheel by SCV. We recently tested the extended battery model of InMotion V5+


+ The button on the handle is still an MVP :ph34r:

+ The pads for calves are super soft, with extra pack of ankle pads

+ Pedals are quite high and the software uses this advantage quite well


- Even the bigger 280Wh battery doesn't do the trick

- Speed maxed at 18 km/h is still there (I really hope that they decide to unlock a higher speed later)


What are your thoughts? Is this going to be a major player for EUC market? 


Check out the full article I wrote for Project42 here: https://proj42.co.uk/project42-blog/195_inmotion-v5-electric-unicycle-review



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On 1/29/2016 at 3:04 PM, modelinn said:

I just bought the V5+, and the speed limit has been increased using the software, set by the distributor.. I didnt see this option in the app that was provided by Inmotion though, but speed is increased for sure.


I bet I should just update the firmware inside, cause the stats suggest the higher speed is easily achievable. It's just the initial precautions of the manufacturer that might be there.


How do you find the riding experience on the max speed and what is it?

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