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Motherboards and bumpy road.


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Hello, i was wondering.. Over time riding on rocks/bumpy rods, where the wheel is shaking a lot.

Can't the motherboard get broken? For example soldered wire coming lose or something.

Resulting in short circuit and making very expensive bonfire?

i'm kinda scared of that idea happening.

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Absolutely! It's why we keep a wary eye on our equipment, why we grouse so much about "quality control" and wire dressing, why we question so many design choices affecting mounting and cooling and wire gauges and connectors, why there is liberal and sometimes laughable amounts of white glue/goop inside our wheels.

We operate our wheels in a pretty harsh environment, but for the most part the manufacturers know this and put a fair amount of effort into making the electronics robust(er). Nevertheless, stuff can and does happen. I try to reduce the number of bad things that happen by opening my wheels regularly and performing a careful visual inspection: looking for and correcting loose fasteners, rubbing wires, signs of wear. It doesn't guarantee anything, but I feel it's prudent.

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