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Help needed - Ninebot One Error


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Hello all. 

I was strolling through the app, first time I really used the app today.
Noticed the light settings, played a bit with them.
Came to ride setting, I previously changed the hardness but that's all I noticed.

Saw "Posture Sensor Calibration", tried it out, now I have an error, my Ninebot keeps beeping when I try to ride it or move it, seems broken.
What did I do wrong, has anyone encountered this before? Please help.

Possibly useful information:
- Firmware version: V1.3.0
- App used and version: Ninebot, V3.2.2 (Android phone)

Want to ride it to work tomorrow as I do everyday; but can't even move it for- or backwards right now.
Video to illustrate the problem:


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2 minutes ago, Tyred said:

Oh god, please remove this post. I'm such a noob.

@esaj Thank you very much. I was panicking. Feel so stupid right now. -_-

I think I'll leave it here, in case someone else accidentally does the same thing. And I was only guessing any way, I don't own a Ninebot  ;)

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Just found out that trying to calibrate automatically locks the Ninebot.
Still, should have known.

Thanks for helping me out and to other people encountering the same problem: you're not alone, but do let me know, might make me feel better. :P

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14 hours ago, Vanquiz said:

I just notice the LOCKED position brings the LED color to red and blue, appropriate colors for the alarm, lol

Indeed, beeping noise was so annoying, then I noticed the red and blue, popo on their way! :D

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