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Z10 battery issue

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Hey, I've a big problem where I don't have any indication lights on the battery at all, they where there a while ago, but from the normal blinking blue to nothing, not even the red light of death, I've checked with a volt meter and things seem fine, a healthy 25.6v on each battery, but still no indication, plugged everything back to the wheel and no life what so ever, I tried the "wrongway" battery hack, but that didn't work,it's also a month old motherboard in it, so its not that either, any ideas would be great 

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31 minutes ago, Dilema007 said:

a healthy 25.6v on each battery

Afaik the Z10 used a 15s configuration, so the voltage of a battery pack should be between 45V and 63V...

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Yes the combination of both batteries would give me a reading of at least 55.6v, but after doing some homework I've managed to get one indication light on the battery but only on battery 2, battery one is still no indication light red or blue, but at least battery 2 is with a blue indicator

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