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Anyone know of a Youth size LazyRolling style armored hoodie?

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Greetings all!


I've been looking to get some kind of armored jacket for my daughter. The current available offerings are pretty big and bulky, and I'd imagine would make her look like a football player or a dwarf straight out of Lord of the Rings on a EUC. So for now I just have her pad up with regular elbow pads and a decently thick jacket but would love something that has some armor pads, particularly back armor. She sees my different armored (yet somewhat stylish) jackets (leather and mesh jackets with armor pads) and wants one similar. Women adult sizes, even double x small is too big for her. I really like the protection and styling of the LazyRolling armored hoodies and jackets, but again, all adult sizes.


Does anyone happen know if there exists an armored skate hoodie or more low key armored moto jacket (like a leather jacket with armor) for youth sizes?


My backup plan is to get the cheapest adult armored shirt with all the pads, cutting out the pad pockets, then grafting them to matching areas on the inside of a high quality youth hoodie to make my own armored hoodie for her.

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There's quite a bit of youth sized armor available, even down to 4-5 year olds... but it's for BMX and is stylish for that, and that alone. I haven't seen any mini-hoodie style armored jackets. I can check with the local group, there are a number of parents who ensure their kids are actually asphalt resistant but meantime Amazon has a very wide selection. I would expect much of it to be junk honestly, but name brand stuff is probably more trustworthy.

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