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Ebay seller. Too good to be true. Hoverboard 160usd, Ninebot Mini 260usd

Jean eRide.ie Community

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Hi all,

Just saw this seller in EBay, selling very cheap hoverboards, ninebots mini and airwheel.

Looks like all his 40 positive feedback is from selling clothes...

I suppose that with PayPal you are covered, but most likely you'll have to ask for the refund, and mayba the scam works because some people would not bother asking for the refund.


It looks very similar to the Wish app scams we've been discussing previously.

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He does have a 100% positive feedback..unkess he got it on cheap stuff just to earn the feedback......the hoveboard price doesnt strike me as too good to be true..and the ninebot..well its a kock off..he doesnt say its ninebot...im not sure how much its supposed to cost.,,

edit. I just looked at the feedback..it appears it started in October..so he is new...yes one shoukd be careful..he may have been just earning feedback for 3 months before he can launch the scams

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