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Largest tire that fits in an Msx84?

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the cst/kenda knobby are way softer than MC tire, the tire is designed to copy the terrain, not to mantain the shape like for example a michelin

that's way it's amazing offroad and also the reason why lot of riders bended the rim with it :D

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Yeah I think the kenda knobby isn't really an 'MC' tyre as such. It's got a way more compliant carcass than a proper MC tyre. I can barely pinch the sidewalls on the Pilot I have, and can only just about depress the tread section with my thumb even when unfitted!

But I don't buy that the softness of the kenda is giving the rim problems. Never had the issue with the 5102 on the MSX at 25psi, and thats deffo a softer carcass than the Kenda. The issue is the Veteran rims, plain and simple. Proof of this is that many have busted their Sherman rims at 40+ psi, when theres no way the tyre would have compressed enough to hit the rim. Thats why I don't advocate high pressures on the Sherman, people are missing the point, and by running high pressures you could actually be making the problem worse (no flex in the tyre sends forces straight to the rim).

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