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Technical problems with Kingsong KS 16s

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Hey guys,

I need your help!

I was driving with the unicycle of a friend on a hill. I made a mistake and the unicycle ran down the hill and got damaged. Luckily, just some parts of the hard-plastic cover were broken. When I turned the unicycle on, it would be possible to drive on, so there was no damage on the electronic stuff. Afterwards I disassembled the wheel completely to switch the broken inner shells. I assembled the wheel and turned it on, but it is not working correctly: When I turn it on, the wheel immediately rushes on top speed. I made a video for you to see the problem better, here is the link: 


Does anyone know the problem and what I have to do?

Thanks for your help!

Philip from Germany

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10 minutes ago, Koi said:

Does anyone know the problem and what I have to do?

You opened it again and did some thourough visual inspection? (Pinched) wires, connectors, neatly fixed motherboard. Lost screws, other conducting loose materials, ...

The wheel seems to "work' but spins without "fine tuning" up to high speeds in both directions. Without reaching lift cut off speed.

So a guess could be a loose mainboard or the casing not tightly fixed (moving relative to the motor)

... or the gyro sensor on the mainboard got damaged?

Another thing could be that the motor wires are connected in the wrong order and the motor spins by this in reverse? 

But motor wires are soldered to the mainboard and the connector should be only uniquely connectable? Or not?

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Sounds like the motor encoder ( Hall effect) is not reporting. Not plugged in or broken wire. Or as @Chriull said, the motor wires or encoder wires are backwards. 

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Hey guys!

I opened my KS 16s again:) I could not find a misstake unfortunately... I just did not see that the cable from the fan is broken, I will repair that. I think that is not the issue for the main problem?

I have seen that some little cables from the motor got pressed. I checked them, electricity is still flowing. I made some fotos of that for you.

I made one more video, maybe someone can see a problem?

Here is the link:


Guys, thank you some much for your help!! This is great network.


Best regards



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Those little wire that got crushed are the very wires that we were questioning. They are very sensitive. I would cut out the crush and solder them back or replace that section of wire. This is 99% likely the problem.

Edit: That black wire looks completely cut inside. 

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