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Bike seat on EXN (Marty-style bike seat mod)

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So, we've seen Mary Backe's excellent videos on the bicycle seat mod on gotway wheels.  Has anyone tried this on the EXN?  The handle is similar to the other Gotway wheels, except that the lift switch is under the handle/lift area.  With the lift switch in that location, it looks like it will be engaged when the metal hose clamps are tightened to hold the seat in place.  Has anyone figured out a workaround for this?  I'm thinking of relocating the switch using an add-on momentary switch or maybe fashioning some sort of block to cover the switch to prevent it from being pressed.  Hope this makes sense.

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i ended up making a spacer out of super thick leather for the underside of the grab handle where the lift switch is.  I prevents the hose clamps from depressing the lift switch.  Easy work-around without having to modify the wheel.

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