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KS S-20 Usage Poll

KS S-20 Usage Poll  

62 members have voted

  1. 1. Where will you ride ?

    • %100 off road unpaved (the rough stuff).
    • 50/50 street/ urban trail /paths.
    • %100 city / town streets.
    • Won’t ride it at all. Just gonna look at it all day.

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1 hour ago, OldFartRides said:

always misspell “poll”, and it bugs the *hit outta me

That's a good reminder for those that favor either of the bottom two options: when riding urban trails don't •hit the pole. Exercise additional care in Warsaw and surrounding environs.

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While my rides for transportation purposes only typically remain on asphalt, every other ones include off-road parts.

How technical off-road the limit will be for me on the S20 will be determined by:

  • Weight of the wheel.
  • How easy it is to grab it if needed.
  • How robust it is when falling on roots (should be fine) & rocks (might not stand a chance?)

So maybe 60% road 40% off-road.
Higher road percentage if considering total distance, lower if considering time spent.

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Does NYC count as "100% off road unpaved", 50/50 or 100% city? Honestly their should also be a "100% dystopian megalopolis" option there to eliminate confusion of this kind. 

Also realistically riders tend to rarely ever be 100% anything. I know I often go off road to take a shortcut even though I would definitely consider myself a road rider overwhelmingly. Likewise even the biggest technical riders often commute on their EUC, so would be nice to have some mostly road/off road options there. 

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On 9/2/2021 at 8:15 PM, Zwheeler said:

Then why not just call it "mielipidetiedustelu" like all the civilized people do? :ph34r:


Oh how I wish I could give 10 likes to a single post just this once! :roflmao:

2 hours ago, Unbihexium said:

Does NYC count as "100% off road unpaved"

Maybe 100% paved off-road? Or 100% technical street riding? Or 50-100% city unpaved? :P

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Until you see more details on how it actually perform I can't see how one can answer such a poll.

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