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V11: Dead Battery, wet power botton or flunked firmware upgrade?

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Dead car, Dead Sherman --- I NEED MY V11 and after trying to upgrade firmware and charging (and a trip with very little rain) I get the 
Please repair 
red light on front
Diagnosis says battery problem

Firmware is 1.2.22


Failure to power off normally, you may need to replace the battery . pls contact your point of piurchase or email 


I have not succeeded in firmware upgrading is that it ?   This is desperat I need the wheel badly right now. Any helpfull tech relevant advice greatly appreciated

It starts ok it shuts down ok

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upload log file ... Dont panic... I believe the wheel is OK but there is some moist in the power botton? IT s fully functional but I still get the diagnosis warning from Inmotion Software... Is this another firmware fukc up ?

Seba (Wonderfull man...) wrote this 




This is problem with Internet connection to Inmotion servers. Unfortunately, quite a common issue. Inmotion servers often don't respond or connection is unstable, so firmware download fails. The only solution is to try again and again until you succeed. Of course, I assume that your mobile device has Internet connection.

My firmware is not upgrading and my error file is not uploading .... INMOTION get needed server capacity pls? 

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