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Pro tip….BumSavers.


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They don’t work at all if you leave them in the car.

Was kinda hot this afternoon. Left em in the car. 

Was doing well on the trail. Got aggressive on the rock features and muffed a gap. 

Got a softball on my right hip. That’s gonna put me on the DL for awhile.

Spare you all the pic. Trying not to limp in front of the dgf.

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Just get it over with and do like this guy. You may find it easy to buy someones backstock of panic toilet paper too.  :roflmao:

Im a gear collector. Everyone knows that you cant use something if you are collecting it. I think I have a 20yr old chest protector here in mint. I could be convinced to sell it tho...

Tell your girl you sustained an injury being a good samaritan. Get you a butt massage out of it perhaps? Maybe try to quit falling down?:thumbup:

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So after two weeks (mostly) on the DL and copious amounts of CBD salve I got back out on the trails for some riding.

Sunday I poked around the short trails at my favorite mtb rec area. Showed a fellow on a bike around said trails. That was fun.

Yesterday I was feeling froggy so I took the red trail (2 mi of challenging stuff) in. Was wasted towards the end and went down twice where I really shouldn’t have. Chalk em up to fatigue. WAS wearing the bum savers.

Opted for the service road back out instead of the silver trail. The bear was laying in the road. I stopped when I saw s/he. I gave the  wave of recognition and a “hello deh bear”. “What you doin’ ?” We had a long one sided convo. I noted the radio collar and said I was sorry for any bad encounters with humans he might have had. He /she stared at me for the longest time, then leisurely got up and started up the road. I slowly followed, stopping whenever it looked back. I explained I wasn’t really following her. This went on for awhile, and finally she/he climbed the bank and started up the hill.  I silently slipped by as it watched. I waved again and said “I’ll see you later”.

Was a good ride.

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