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Unlocking speed limit for KingSong KS-X1 Pro (E-Wheels E2S V2 Pro)


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I recently purchased an E-Wheels E2S V2 Pro (which is a rebrand of the KingSong KS-X1 Pro) and am very satisfied with it.
However I was wondering if anyone knew how to increase/unlock the speed limit, since it could definitely push a little more.

I have heard of different ways, all talking about different apps like DarknessBot, SoftTuner etc. and am a bit confused.

Has anyone tried it, or has an idea of how it could be done? :)

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

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On 8/25/2021 at 8:32 PM, Colerock said:

I was wondering the same thing as I also have the e2s v2 pro. Someone guide us please. I think it is possible, as someone has done it but dont tell.

please PM me


Dont know if u have found out anything about speed limit removal?

Anyways. The only ways i have been able to find out doing this are.. E-wheels change the controller to set the speed limit. And obviously very restricted with its bluetooth connection to other apps. Either the apps dont find the scooter, or it will be logged off/out right away. 

So... You need to change the controller(only about 600kr) to get the 30km/t. Or you must get hold of the old version of kingsong app. There you can find old software to downgrade with, and then maybe you manage to log in. 

The last way, dont know if this actually works yet.. Disconnect the motor cables form the controller, and then try to connect the BT again. Then u should be able to stay logged in with other apps.

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