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I hear what u say guys and i'm very disapointed with that.


15 hours ago, conecones said:

Won't happen. Expect a range of 35-40 miles (55-65kms). This is from 100% to about 10%. You might get 50 miles if you have the patience to go very slow, like slower than casual cycling speed.

55-65km is very low considering that i have 40km with my v10 (non f). only 20km more with a battery 2.7 times bigger?

For comparison, inmotion says 55Km with the v10 on their website. i'm not naive and know that it's overselled, and 40km is acceptable for me. 

For the v12, they says 160km, so even with weight, weather, speed and whatever consideration, i hope at least 100km. 60km is really unacceptable for me...


13 hours ago, Mike Roe said:

Riding casually on my v12, accelerating and braking smoothly, I got about 1km per battery percentage point.  Went from 100%- 20% and rode 79km.    I weigh 250pds, and rarely went over 35km/hr to achieve this.   

That seems more acceptable for me. i weight 200pds, i ride smoothly most of the time and very rarely over 30km/h. So if you achieve 80km with 80% of battery, i should achieve 100km with full battery with my 90kg.


6 hours ago, mrelwood said:

As you can see, people’s range figures vary wildly. You are only familiar with your own data.

agree with that.

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1 hour ago, Djal said:

Hi guys, can’t find information about S/N and corresponding batch numbers? Where i could find that pls?


As I said I on WhatsApp Inmotion don't have this info public and you can't decode the s/n as you can on some other brands. 

You should be able to get the information from your reseller. That said Inmotion has taken a new approach to do minor changes so they don't have as clear a batch run as we seen in the past either. 

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