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Ever notice there's no bad reviews about any of the EUCs on ewheels?

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Hi, William from eWheels here. We don't remove any negative reviews. This 16S was not purchased directly from us, and therefore as part of the review program's terms - are not published (as you can se

You know what else is wrong? - You calling anyone a DICK at this forum. Read the forum rules again. - You making a review at a vendor’s site who you didn’t but the wheel from. As you showed,

I'm fairly new to this forum but do not understand the occasional calls for moderators to close down discussions.  Maybe there may be some rare occurrence when that is necessary but if moderators are

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I havent followed all details here so I wont take a strong position for/against either camp, but I do get a very polarized feeling here. It is absolutely possible that OP is what he is calling others (a d..), while also having a point about e.g. no bad reviews on the site in question. It seems to me there are a lot of opinions and emotion thrown around from all sides, but not that much facts are being discussed.


Is it true that the website has almost (absolutely?) no bad reviews? If so, that seems fishy. Even if the one pointing it out does so in a way that isnt appreciated by some.


And for those who comment about this being boring... I have a suggestion: Dont read the thread. Suggesting that OP shouldnt be allowed to talk about what matters to him seems like an awful thing to even suggest. If he does so in a way that breaks the rules - report the posts and moderators can manage it.

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On 7/30/2021 at 5:21 PM, RockyTop said:

My wife has always said that everyone should have to work in retail for a few years. It will change your perspective for sure. It might even be a good punishment for some people. 

Did I ever tell you I love your service and products I bought from you? My 2x V11 "Scandinavian" mod stands.

Now the crappy part is I just had to buy a 2nd V11. I didn't think I had to, but the stand gets lonely and look sad when it has no job to do.  

Also the stands do not turn of the wheel automatically. I as a rider have to do that myself and remember this every bloody time.


Now that is one way to do a review. I could take out the sarcastic points and do a constructive one. If one do a review and for it to add value you have to consider pro and cons and that not all would view this in the same way. When putting out a review do I want to grumpy silly old dude that didn't do his research and blame everyone else? I prefer not to.

====Take two====

I ordered 2 very nice Black Crow V11 stands after talking over a few things. I though I needed one at home and work so having different config options is great design in my view. Now with covid 19 it meant I had one used 1 of them but I realised riding non-suspension wheels. So I sold my KS16X and bought a 2nd V11. Now it looks great having 2 stands. 

One is configured for dual charging the other to hold my spare charger and a pump as I used to misplace this all the time.

There are a few things to consider. You have to turn of the wheel before parking it. If your floor isn't level it will cause the wheel to sound up. It took me some time to get into this habit, because of the lift button. It takes time to learn old dogs new tricks.

Also it is very sturdy design. But it also means it isn't ideal for a portable solution. On the other have the V11 has a build in kick stand but this kick stand does not work as great as the Black Crow stand. 

The designer and reseller took a few things onboard and made it even better. I asked to raise the charger mounts a little higher to avoid melted snow pools. This was fastly done and works great for me. 

I would buy this again. Problem is I see these lasting a long time and with 2x V11 I can't see me getting another wheel any time soon. Unless a new suspension wheel brings something new.

Thanks @RockyTop


Now if you as a business have reviews on your website. Do leave people rantings here or how do you think it would  benefit you business. If you don't do things what would this cause of backfire? Yes there are 2 side to a coin, but as a reseller I would prefer to show the shiny side not the rusty part. And as long the reseller give sound advise if a customer say I want this from my product or that. I am concerned about these things and is there anything I should consider. I really see no problem at all. A reseller that give sound advise stay in business. That is God for me as a customer. Because where I buy is where I have my warranty.

I don't know what profit margin EUC resellers have. But I am pretty sure it is not as high as one would think. You also have to deduct any after sale cost and customer support you will have to have in place. That is something someone should consider before posting silly arguments. 

Another tip, never post when you are angry. No good will come from it. It can be hard to see long term impact of one action when in an emotional state. This goes from some many things in life. 


Now in I were are click bait YouTube r this is where I pun in please like, subscribe and poke that notification bell.

But I am not. But reviews I make I do consider many angels this can be look at. You can see this in my V11 review thread. It is more like a blog in some ways. 

I didn't get paid to post this. But did you make it so far I like to say clearly the like the Black Crow stand design. Yes it is made to your ordered wheel it might fit others too. But having one designed specifically for one model makes sure it is suited for that. In my book that is good.


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1 hour ago, Brendan "nog3" Halliday said:

Mods should close this thread as the entire premise of the title is demonstrably false.


1 hour ago, null said:

I’m generally not for deleting anything, but considering this thread exists only for @d0n to sling shit at e-wheels for no good reason I’d vote for doing so.

Imho content moderation/censoring/etc is no helpfull way to go. In contrary, this gives gives any content just much more weight and is a great start for wild conspirancy theories.

Cleaning up direct forum rules violations is more than enough for us to do.

Everyone, at little bit interested in this topic can easily make up his own opinion by reading some posts of this topic.

I'd think ewheels has faced enough other rumours without problem - but however, if @WilliamG likes to have some official reply/"?counter-representation?" directly at an accusation please do not hesitate to contact a moderator per PM or just report a specific post with a note to us. As, of course this is true for any other member of this board.

But please do not excpect the moderation team to judge any issues - we are just here to enforce the forum rules.

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I think she said she paid $1350 or $1250. It's basically new. Not a scratch on it.

I suited up today and within 3 tries, I rode down my long driveway, down a sidestreet, turned around and came back without stopping. I'm super stoked! I can see this being a lot of fun.

I was riding to the end of the street within the first 10 mins.

I think I did pretty good for $600?! :) 

I may have figured out the wobble issue. I calibrated the wheel today and found out instead of being level, it was leaning forward a significant amount prior to calibrating. Now, it is level, forward to back. I haven't ridden it yet but think this might make a difference? 

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6 minutes ago, Paul A said:

wheel today and found out instead of being level, it was leaning forward a significant amount prior to calibrating. Now, it is level, forward to back. I haven't ridden it yet but think this might make a difference? 

I suggest you look though this forum wobbles has been discussed a lot. It is down to the rider 99% of the times. This is part of learning to ride. That you know how to control this and what to do when it happens. After a while you will not thing much about it and you might adapt a ride style to minimise the wobbles to occur. But this is for a different threat.

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14 minutes ago, OldFartRides said:

Almost makes one wonder about motives. 

Just guessing, i'd say long waiting times for a high stake investment could let emotions get high. Some people tend to be more sanguine than phlegmatic.

The delays caused by li ion cell and other electronic components shortages could lead to nerves being blank.

In combination with a not perfectly worded review and a not perfectly worded, deescalating response this could maybe lead to such reactions.

But as said just guessing - as beeing a phlegmatic person trying to avoid too sanguistic people i'm lacking experience regarding such behaviour. Although one get's impressions of this other world from time to time.

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Posted (edited)

While waiting for my paid in full V12 to ship from chicway, I just bought a kingsong S18 from them... which is in the USA warehouse and will arrive at my door within a week. I'll probably buy a sherman or an abrhams next. Chicway likes my money. 

I've heard from a bunch of other members about how petty the people at ewheels can be and how loyal and vicious the fanbois are. Everytime I see a review for an EUC on youtube and they mention they are sponsored by ewheels, I click away. Why would I (or anyone else) care what a paid & obviously biased reviewer thinks of an EUC they were just GIVEN FOR FREE by ewheels? 

Chicway has some bad reviews sure. But so does ewheels. Mods go read my private messages and you'll see many members griping about ewheels. There's too many fanbois here for anyone to gripe publicly. 

Why is ehweels charging $3700 for the sherman (which is about to be discontinued) when chicway is selling it for under $3000? It's the same euc from the same maker and will ship at the same time. Why the $700 difference? Because they can. If you currently have a sherman on order at ewheels and are waiting patiently for their ever changing ship date, cancel your order and get in touch with chicway and buy the same wheel for $700 less and it'll arrive the same time. Unless $700 don't matter to you? No I am not an affiliate of chicway. No, they don't give me $50 for free because I referred a sale to them like ewheels does. If ewheels can give a 4th party person $50 for a sale referral, you know they're charging you waaaay too much in the 1st place. Just sayin'. 

I'm going on a group ride with the local EUC group in lithonia Ga this sunday if anyone wants to talk to me in person about any of this. :clap3: Come out and ride. 

I don't have $20k sitting on my desk everyday but when I do, I rub it in ewheels face because they ain't getting any of it. :eff04a58a6: Hello Chicway? I'd like to buy another wheel. 


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Copy and paste of a post by member WildEUc on another thread:


Another Chicway PSA

Against my better judgement bought my first wheel (v10f) from Chicway.

My mistake, but I wanted to learn to ride ASAP and ewheels/all other US based retailers didn't have V10F available before the end of summer.  


So I gambled on chicway after speaking with two reps of the company online for quite some time.  Looking back, most of it was lies and false promises.  I also paid with PayPal, assuming it was safe...wrong..

So the only positive thing I can say is I did receive the wheel in 6 days from when I ordered.  Not bad at all for shipping speed, but the wheel was far less than perfect, bad charger, (actually had minor scratches on wheel) and the battery was sitting dead for 14 months. Also they didn't ship the protective case they stated would be included.

I posted this all in the inmotion thread and several people advised returning the wheel, so I tried..

Filed claim with PayPal, gave all info, and very quickly received a full refund offer - HOWEVER, only after I mail them back the wheel to China...at my expense fully, and that's when it was shipped from Chicago IL.  Shipping the wheel back with tracking and insurance seems like it will be $500+. And then they will likely "never" get it.


Makes absolutely no sense, I've been back and forth with PayPal and they side with Chicway 100%.  Claim the sellers address is in China, so returns go to China..even when they were shipping from Chicago... 


I did a lot of research and seems this is a very very common China/PayPal scam.  


Serves me right for using Chicway to save a little bit of time and money...not really sure how to proceed. 



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Between my son and I, we have purchased 8 wheels and numerous part, covers, chargers, etc. We have never had a bad interaction with Ewheels.com if fact, they told me how to fix a wheel rather then tell me to ship it to them so they could charge me to fix it. 

Love Ewheels.com!



Just now, AngryJackPCB said:

Between my son and I, we have purchased 8 wheels and numerous part, covers, chargers, etc. We have never had a bad interaction with Ewheels.com if fact, they told me how to fix a wheel rather then tell me to ship it to them so they could charge me to fix it. 

Love Ewheels.com!



Correction, 9 wheels and counting....

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