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Tire rubbing

Rich Sam

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Hey there guys, hoping someone has seen this before and if this is something I should be concerned about.  When I try and ride sherman with one foot, I can hear slight tire rubbing sound.  Is this a known thing?  Only happens when I put lots of sideways pressure, such as one foot riding.

Appreciate any knowledge on this,



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It can easily happen on Sherman if the crash bars are bent even a little bit.
In case, you just need to straighten them manually (bend them to the original shape or even wider) and the rubbing should disappear.

I discovered that recently, worrying of having bent the motor axle, or hangers after the wheel had a slow tumble. Nope, that was just the bent rear bar, all good now!

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5 hours ago, Planemo said:

It happens on a lot of wheels. The plastic shell flexes just enough that the tyre starts to rub. Don't worry about it and just ride. Unless you do 100's of miles on one leg lol.

Roger that, I'm not even close to graceful enough to do 5 feet of one foot rider. LoL

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3 hours ago, RockyTop said:

My Sherman did not rub until I updated with the wider rim. It has never been crashed. 

Same here. I spent hours massaging my tire and still it rubs a little from the tire whiskers. I have the wider rim and it hasn’t given me any problems. 

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