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What is a normal sound of an EUC (in particular of the V10F)?


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Since I got my V10F I always wondered whether the rather quiet but high pitched, kind of squeaky sounds are just the normal sound of the electric motor stabilizing in a standstill or whether there is some problem like some capacitors are already failing in my new wheel.

Please listen here and tell my what you think.

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It's the normal sound for a V10F, no worries.

The sound is different if you switch it to "off road" mode - which is more similar in behaviour to other manufacturers's "hard" pedal mode - but still provides adjustability in Inmotion wheels.
In off-road mode, there's a near constant high-pitched whine which is more annoying IMO. Although I like the behaviour of the "off road" mode in some riding conditions, I'm usually using the "commuting" mode as it's pretty quiet when riding, and provides a pretty nice and versatile overall riding experience, with a sweet amount of give but no pedal dipping in turns.

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