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fixing my first hand me down es4 wiring confusion


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Hello first time writer and reader, got a free "works now and then" es4 i think it is, its my first ever EV and i assumed going on wards with common sense and knowledge from petrol vehicles this would be  easy peasy. the plan was to fix it just for fun and getting some experience working on the "future"

what i fixed so far is error 24 and 19 now i get error 18 but it makes sense since its completely dissembled.
before i put everything back together (which is the reason its in pieces) i have 4 mysterious wires that i cant for the love of god figure out where they are going.
everything going from the handle and down to the last part that holds the spring i inspected all the males have a female and vice versa. wires is coming from the spring area, i also found 2 curcuits going into the frame 2x blue black yellow red then back into the steering colum.
i doubt what im saying is making sense but i ran out of sanity.
am i on the right forum for this kind of questions?
where do i find a factory wire diagram?
The mystery wires
ive ran out of stuff to remove how do i get in further?
There is a hole and a screw with plastic wireholder but havent figured out how to get in there yet it feels like a part of the wires are missing or its other half is stuck inside.

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