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What density and pattern should I use for 3D printing powerpads?

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Trial and error. LOTS of variables to consider. Of note, tpu isnt as soft as one would think. Be ready for lots of wasted filaments and try to keep track of what works for you and what doesnt. Different brands need be approached differently. Hot and slow... best of luck.

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6 hours ago, yellowpanda said:

I will be using Eryone TPU

Thanks for the tip!

Wall count determines strength in tpu, more than infill. If you want felxible, try to stay UNDER 1.2+mm walls. INfills of 15-20% arent uncommon. I prefer honeycomb myself. If you're using cura, you have lots of choices. I use cura and s3d, tho s3d is my goto.

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Don’t get discouraged. TPU can be difficult for a beginner. Other filaments are much easier. 

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