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Sherman side panel sealing?


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I have seen a few Shermans that appear to have a white bead of some sort around the perimeter of the shell where the side panel edges locate.

Mine definately doesnt have the seals, and being a V3 I thought it would have them.

Did Veteran mod the panels so they dont need the seals any more?

I never ride in rain wherever possible but its a little thing that I have been meaning to ask in case I get caught out.

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Cheers guys. As a note, mine didnt have any sealant on the top cover either. I am wondering if Veteran changed the design of all the sealing edges...the labyrinth style setups on mine does seem pretty well designed against water ingress without any seals/sealant I have to say. By labyrinth I mean its not like the old MSX where you just had two flat edges meeting each other...the edges on my Sherman are recessed inside each other. I'm away at the moment but I am working on a V1 at well at home so when I get back I will compare them.

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v1 here. No sealant. The recessed edge style works on mine for the most part, but a little panel flex makes it not quite perfect ina  few areas. If I were a hardcore water rider, I'd add a continuos bead of 3m weatherstrip adhesive. Its black, its flexible and it sticks like a mofo. I say weatherstrip adhesive, because it will stretch and come apart. Go ahead and try some silicone or other rtv and youll immediately understand why it needs be uber flexible. Noone wants to break a panel pulling it, or having to use a knife to cut silicone thats worked into a recess. And why the he** would anyone use white on a black shell?

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