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Back on the horse! ( also mini review of kingsong mark 3)


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So , after a torturous, unbearable period of wheel-less time that felt like a century long, i am back on the horse !

My first kingsong broke about a month or so ago and the new Mark3 i bought had some minor issue so i sent it back to @Jason McNeil to look at. Jason did the right thing for me and swapped it for another wheel. Thanks Jason! He even payed for the 2 way shipping of the wheel So it arrived a couple of days ago and i am back in the game! Now i just need to get my old wheel fixed and i will have a spare.

Below is a few thoughts( like a mini review) on the mark 3 kingsong 14 c in relation to the The August kingsong ( Pre-mark2)


The max speed of 30 kph is fast enough for city street riding. ( and hey, this is the TRUE speed, not the app speed) .You really dont feel like going faster is safe. And this is comg from someone who likes to push the speed to the limit, Maybe on very smooth pavement, on a bike lane with noone else, one would want to go faster but not the city. So i am quite content with the max speed and it feels like a huge difference compared to my older kingsong that only goes to 28. Also it is much easier now to cruise right under the cap speed, its also because the tiltback is more subtle. I used to have trouble crusing under 28 on my older kingsong and had to go 25-26 top in order to avoid the annoying tiltback. With the new unit i can easily maintain 29kph pretty consistently.


am happy to report that i have not once experienced any overheating issues. I had a constant problem with my older unit. Its possible that my older kingsong had a problem, but on the new one the temperature stays around 50-53 C and with a more agile riding goes up to around 60 but i dont even think that i can make the wheel go to 70 and overheat if i wanted to, and that is with my 100kg.  So id venture to say that for this configuration the overheating issue virtually doesnt exist. I still want to test it in the summer but i dont think the effect of the ambient will be substantial


No perceptible increase in power in relation to the old unit. I guess 800w is 800w. Approximately same behavior on hills.


Ok, basically dont assume that its waterproof. Yes there is no more hole for the usb port in the casing, and the button design has slightly changed, so in that sense the waterproofing has improved,  but this doesnt mean you can ride in the rain for as long as you want. I tested it in a very light rain and it was ok for about 30 minutes but then i noticed a bit of a haze/ condensation under the transparent plastic of the battery indicator - this means moisture got in. Also my music was on and suddently the bluetooth connection turned itself off, that happened about 2-3 times. This could have been affected by moisture  vapors -  It that point it was clear this was more than enough rain riding. Conclusion - a short period of very light rain may be ok but dont consider it waterproof. Cant compare with my older unit as i didnt ride it in the rain much, id imagine approxamately the same results.

Smoothness of ride/ tiltback

The new kingsong seems to be an overall smoother ride at low speeds than my older unit. The tiltback behavior has also changed, it appears it became more smooth,and more complex. I am kinda used to the way the tiltback worked in my older unit, but anyway no major changes occured in this department,

Battery and distance

I hve the 840wh mark 3 unit. my older kingsong is 680. Also battery voltage threshold was revised to about 51 from 55 in my old unit.

Whatever i do i cant squeeze more than 24 miles out of it, but i am 101 kg plus winter clothes and a small backpack, so i guess i shouldnt complain. I am finding from the other people's experience that the distance traveled in 1) more or less consistent between the brands give or take 25%, and, other things being equal,  is a more or less proportinal to the ratio of the riders weights , give or take 25%. This wheel seems to give me a somewhat longer distance than i was able to achieve with the older 680 unit. 


Overall, i am very happy i can fly again and i am enoying it. The machine is a beast and i can see how fast Kingsong is moving in the right direction as a developer. It is a very safe unit that i feel i can trust. Even though i didnt have total luck with my older unit and did encounter some issues overall, and i am looking around, i am still considering King song a top candidate for my next wheel. Lets face it - among other brands they have pretty much the highest capacity battery, one of the best safeties, fastest speed with their new 18". There is still a few fronts they need to concentrate on to make their wheels truly competitive in all categories, but they definitely have the edge in today's market.



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9 hours ago, SlowMo said:

Happy to hear your'e back to rolling on the streets again. :) 


1 hour ago, ConjurMan said:

No more walking for you!  Thanks for the mini review as well.


Thank you guys!! Walking is a thing of the past

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