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Neale Gray

Falling off your EUC without hurting yourself

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I strongly agree with wearing protective clothing.

Maybe falling off is unavoidable at times however reducing the chances of injury are easy.

I have put together a range of protective clothing in cooperation with some Australian partners that I will ship from Australia.

Australia has been a leader in crash protection for a long time, haha we needed it.

For road/concrete surfaces you will completely kit yourself out for about USD 600.00 (dirt protective clothing is a little cheaper) (Helmet, gloves, boots, Kevlar pants, Kevlar jacket (even have a hoody that looks normal even though it has hidden padding and elbow, back protectors) There are heaps of styles and choices. Sizing is world standards or I have a size chart if required. your current footwear will have the size written on it.

You can go all out with full leather and high quality full face helmet and pay around USD1500.00

Here is an example of what you can purchase





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