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Problem Inmotion V5F cannot connect to App after replacing the motherboard


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Hi all, I go crazy. My wheel makes uncontrollable moves when powering on. It does not balance itself and I cannot drive it. I tried reset but did not help. Another problem is that since I replaced my motherboard after the wheel was dead last year, I can no more connect with the inmotion app in order to run the analysis... any help welcome 


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if you message inmotion directly, they may add your serial number to their registry so you can connect to the app. provide the serial number of course, and also maybe any purchase information you have.

if you want to download either darknessbot (iphone) or EUC world (android), they can tell you useful diagnostic info like voltage, but it doesn't have the same diagnostics as the inmotion app.

I would say, if you can figure out if the batteries are still in good health (charge to full, then see if voltage is above 82v minimum) then it may be worth trying to fix further. But if it's an older wheel, the cost of parts can easily become more expensive than the wheel is worth, not counting labor and your time/effort.

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