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So, I bought this really cheap hoverboard ($80) on Aliexpress. Can someone tell me if it is reliable, i.e will it explode? Also considering its so cheap im worried that it won't show up. Any thoughts? This is it: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2-Wheel-Balancing-Scooter-Smart-Electric-Balance-Scooter-Self-Unicycle-Balance-Board-Drift-Scooter-hoverboard-Outdoor/32586044909.html

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Samsung battery pack:USD38


BMS Board:usd 5


AL alloy:usd 25


Speaker:USD 5

Are your sure that you bought an value life Issurance, and burn house insurance?

with single items defect 15% in count,  there will be USD104. then    

add the defect whole items rate cost 5% :    usd 104*1.05 there will be usd109


The cost without facotry running charge, based on official material. 

Sum up, pls bought the issurance, before your side use~

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