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An odd Sherman mainboard failure: help me understand what happened

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Here's my plan for alarms to avoid this happening again:

Maybe a few of you following here could contribute in this project (I'd love to have your thoughts) and may become users soon.

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11 hours ago, supercurio said:

I got the replacement board today, Leaperkim shipped it from Hong Kong on the 19 and it arrived 2 days later in Sweden.
14 days total from the failure day, the time communicate with my dealer (EUCShop.lt who was on top of things, great service), a few back and forth with the manufacturer's support.

Glad to hear you got a quick turnaround on getting your replacement board and it arrived in a relatively short amount of time, especially given the current delays from China. The communication back and forth is pretty much standard and I went through the same scenario on both occasions, but on my second board replacement I asked my seller for a quicker method of shipping to speed things up.

11 hours ago, supercurio said:

So what about the board?
It's not a L21-10 as @fbhb anticipated but a L21-20.

Well also great that your supplied board version is L21-20, which is obviously the very latest and even more bang up to date so that's an added bonus. As I've mentioned many times before, it would be huge if we could ever get an insight from Veteran into what each New board version revisions are included......maybe one day!

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22 hours ago, supercurio said:

, I wonder if the soldering of the battery wires is sufficient.
What do you think?

As already written here the soldering seems quite ok!

I just would seperate the blank capacitor legs and these battery wires with something very heat resistant. (?as the sleeves on the motor wires?)

As there was just recently a report of molten capacitor legs on a ks16s motherboard.

Plus aim for a nice cable management/layout for the motor wires!

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