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Veteran sherman to Norway or another choice?

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Guys, i need help. 
I really want a sherman, but dont know how to get my hands on one, they dont sell in Norway and i'm having a hard time finding a way to get one.


I have been riding for 7 years, and I love how the sherman looks and operates.
My driving style is sharp, fast, quick turns and i drive on asphalt not offroad.

I have only been riding 25 km/h wheels for 7 years, and i think its time for some more speed and range.

Anyways, i have fallen in love with the sherman, and that is what i mostly want, but i can go for another one if like it a lot.

I know the Gotway monster pro v3 is fast etc, but is it hard to manover or is it only for high speed?

Feel free to recommend me a wheel from the websites i link down below.

I can get an EUC from the websites linked:

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first thing, there's the monster pro, and there's the monster v3 which is older and 1845wh battery. Different wheels. Just wanted to clear that up.

I have only ridden the veteran, not the ex.n or the monster pro. If your priority is to enjoy higher speed cornering, it's said that the ex.n is better for that than the veteran. This makes sense too with what I experienced. The veteran feels stable upright. You can turn it somewhat with it upright, especially if the road way is cambered to help you. However, when you start leaning the wheel to me it feels like it's a little sloppy. To me, the more it's leaned over the twitchier the wheel got, and the more it wanted to continue to lean over more easily. I think this is mainly due to offroad knobby tire, but that's what the veteran comes stock with. I can't imagine even the best off-road tire being better on the paved roads than any decent street tire.

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